Here are some questions that you wont care to read or ask.

Q: What makes this site diferent?

A: We are uploading anime on 60fps using frame interpolation.

Q: The video has artifacs!

A: Sadly its impossible to conver anime to 60fps with no artifacts, but we are always trying for ways to reduce them as much as possible!

Q: How can i download the videos?

A: There is a “download video” button above the coment section

Q: Why we can only download from uptobox?

We have a premium membership with uptobox so videos will not expire, and the chance of them being taken down is lower there than in other services.

Q: Will you also upload movies / ovas?

A: Yes we will try to upload as much content as possible.

Q: Why are there ads?

A: Well, hosting, internet and other stuff needs to be paid sadly.

Q: Why download anime from here when there is software that do the same thing?

A: Because if you download from here you wont have to install more programs, or have to deal with programs that will start with your pc and slowing it down. Also, you can watch it live in here, so you dont have to download the anime in the first place if you dont want to!

Q: Do you accept donations?

A: Hell yeah! hell if we manage to cover for everyting just with donations we may not even need to keep the ads 🙂 a donate button will be added…when we figure out how to LUL.



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